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Friedrich III Document Database: A work-in-progress compilation of the regesta from Emperor Friedrich III (1440-1493), encompassing over 35,000 documents.

Friedrich III

Info: This database serves as a comprehensive collection of materials from the ‘Regesten Kaiser Friedrichs III. (1440-1493)’ project by the German Commission for the Processing of the Regesta Imperii e.V., housed at the Academy of Sciences and Literature in Mainz. Collaborative inter-academic projects are also involved. The database comprises approximately 30,000 records of Habsburg documents (1440-1493), many of which remain unpublished. It draws from archival documents, reference works, and research literature, with links to the register database and the RI Opac, seamlessly integrating into the broader research offerings. Due to its continuous updates, corrections, and expansions, this database is a dynamic work-in-progress, and does not claim complete validity in terms of content or form.

People: content: Dr. Dieter Rübsamen/ Mainz office (until 2016), Dr. Petra Heinicker / Berlin workplace

Timeframe: since 2009, content maintenance currently temporarily suspended

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Status: Active